Life as a blogger

That B word three years ago seemed like one of those things exclusive to “elite” tweeps.

Never in a million days would I have imagined that I’d be a part as well.

I mean, where would I get that sophisticated grammar from?  Write? About what if you may ask?

Power of Words
Documenting thoughts,life’s little and main events,captivating scenes are some of the joys of bloggers


Fast forward,2016 and I can shyly say, yeap this “Blogger world” welcomed me,a simpleton in the Queen’s language to be a part of a huge movement, a group of varied and gifted storytellers speaking from how they see the world.
Some poets, others fictionists,loud thinkers who are bold enough to let the world catch a glimpse of what their thoughtful minds be cooking up.

Quite honestly, blogging is not just garnering what your audience should know and later on trending it on social media, a lot goes on behind the well-polished articles, some which send you choking on laughter.

It’s more about the willingness to think out loudly, open up yourself and letting the reader into rather personal thoughts, sometimes.

It’s about allowing yourself research a bit more on how to quench the thirst that comes with ignorance and taking the bold step to light up that match*brain* to push back the effects of void of knowledge.

To some it’s about being able to channel emotions rather left unspoken, often indescribable and squeezing them into limit filled characters, words and ink that the internet will never forget compared to pages of diaries that can easily be hidden away.

Personally the love to tell my story not just to my closest friends but to a wounded soul seeking encouragement, exposing some of my scars so that one may learn from them and probably not fall into the same pit I once was…to mention but a few, what gets this mind thinking and blogging away.

What is wrong with a little positivity in a mostly sad and seemingly hopeless world? For my fellow bloggers, what is it like for you?

In case you out there and are wondering how to start, stop wondering and start telling your story, the world needs always listens, enough of the procrastination…get writing already and you will thank me later..enough of the Oral culture, let’s document our story, We tell it better.

Would love to hear your side of the story, at least you have a brief of why I joined the then world of elites and I must say I do enjoy this other side, life as a blogger!

11 thoughts on “Life as a blogger

  1. “…willingness to think loudly” You’ve put it so well, I can’t think of anything that you might have missed on.
    Before you enter, the blogosphere sure seems an intimidating place, but it gets better!
    I’m still fairly new here, took to blogging 2 months ago. I’d be really grateful it you could take out the time to go through my blog and provide feedback/comments!
    Need all the help I can get!


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  2. Yeah!!! Welcome darling!!! So excited that you’ve taken this awesome step and more so for yourself!!! I look forward to reading your mind. Love you loads. Btw, you’ll get the hang of it sooner than later! 😘😘😘😘😘

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