For the love of likes and retweets

Recently,I stepped out for a gathering with several other internet and social media addicts.

You’d be shocked that loud as I may be to those I’m familiar with,I have a huge fear of people I don’t know.

I literally would rather coil in the corner,scroll through my platforms than risk attitudes and imaginary rejection from strangers.You know the kind of people that put on the “I am-mean-and I know it” facade,uhuh I’m one of them.

Back to my point of this conversation, upon reaching the venue I immediately started tracing familiar faces but of course smile and greet the “strangers” as a defense mechanism so I can run away as fast as I can.

Most of my friends present were busy with the day’s activity which clearly spelt out that yours truly had to wait a few more minutes or an hour before we catch up.

As usual,I managed to land myself a safe place in a corner and got “busy”,It wasn’t long till a group of youngsters-allow me call them that,you will know why very soon.

“Eh,there are many tweeps here,” one said,allow me call him Mike

“Yea,moobbb”, Tracy*again allow be John the Baptist today,cool? hihi

“I wonder what and how they do it to become influencers,see that guy over there,he has over 2000 followers on Twitter,” remarked Jonas ,while pointing a certain lad in the tent adjacent where they were.

“Do you know how hard it is to break into their circles,” pointed out Tracy adding ” I can do anything to get their retweets and likes,eh man anything they tweet just has everyone talking,”

As the conversation went on, it hit me how much importance people,young people seem to attach to their social media followers and how many are willing to go the extremes to amass as many followers,at all costs.

Don’t get me wrong,it is great to have a following and the likes,however where do we draw the line?

Must we push limits in the name of making impressions online,you will agree with me that there are those that go to unspeakable levels to be talked about,spend what they don’t have just to get their IG game on.

Is social media becoming our source of identity and pride? A well from which we draw fulfillment,confidence and happiness? Or am I asking the obvious?

Many would rather put up facades and hide behind social media in order to avoid facing their struggles with low self esteem,craving for acceptance and lots more.

It’s absolutely fine for one to desire growth for their platforms,I mean for the three years or so I’ve seen mine grow tremendously however I’ve come to realize that when the desire for numbers can get you very selfish and conceited.

You may tend to become so obsessed with pleasing every one,dancing to the tune of their music and losing yourself and uniqueness in the end.

What are your intentions and what would kind of legacy would you want to leave as you post and seek to gain influence? And how sustainable is it?

The message you portray on your platforms is key,coupled with your strategy,go beyond just getting numerous likes,retweets and hearts!

Find out what makes you,you and who defines you,what you stand for and this will determine how efficient your influence is.

As a Christian,I aim at being a blessing and my biggest prayer has always been that someone may find inspiration,encouragement plus the God that I believe in through my activity on social media.

What drives you?

7 thoughts on “For the love of likes and retweets

  1. I really believe people we’ve evolved slower than technology, psychologically that is. That coincided with our natural psychological desire to be appreciated has resulted in this. We all want to be relevant in some way.


  2. Hmmm… I don’t know.
    I feel like there is a whole load of stuff that you have mentioned here.

    For instance, your opening is something that all of us can related with, the anonymity given by social media, tends to boost our bravado and yet in reality, we are shy little beings, right?

    That in a way, is exactly like what Mike was talking about only on his level, it is more of an ‘I want to associate or be associated with so and so’

    hmmmm… *walks away thinking*


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