Lucy’s Long Walk To The Paaka

“Kampala road,Old Park”

“Sister,Madam,ogenda?,” inquired a sweaty conductor,while signalling at her as she crossed the road and gently nodded her head in agreement.

“Siba atuule,” he urged the driver who managed to park right in the middle of the road,a misplaced gesture of ‘customer care’ many of our taxi operators tend to exhibit before one boards.


Usually it should take 10-15 minutes or less if there’s no traffic on Bombo road for one to reach the Old Park (Parka Enkadde as we locally refer to it) or if the taxi by God’s mercy is full and if the tout isn’t the kind to make unnecessary stops.


If you live in Kampala,it’s no surprise if the taxi doesn’t stop at the Park for one reason or the other,same happened. Our tout claimed the traffic officers were carrying out an operation,so we had to get off from a distance blah blah blah.

Lucy is the kind that resolved never to argue or entertain verbal exchanges with conductors or any transport operative so quietly resolved to walk away,leaving him trying to put out fires from not so pleased passengers.

As she approached Gaza land, she couldn’t help but wonder whether her hair was that untidy as the ladies around that mall were insisting a sister need salon services from their particular salons to be exact.

“I will just smile and say no”,she thought to herself however the rather aggressive ones felt it proper to grab her hand in a bid to convince her .

Honestly there are those days when all a girl wants,is to reach her destination and needs no trouble so she decided to pull away only to bump into a luggage wielding man.

“Madam,don’t you have eyes?,”angrily,he asked. “Try using them next time” he added before continuing his journey with one of the biggest sacks I’ve seen.

Lucy sighed as she went on,torn between the thought of how rude the man had been and how hard life must be on his side.She made up her mind not to over think it proceed to face another hurdle ahead,the possibility of fighting for taxis with equally as tired people waiting to get home.

If she thought the Gaza Land ladies were strange,then came the cloth and shoe vendors who put out their merchandise on the park’s outskirts.

Sister,sister,sikati yinno, designers onri “they said as they each pulled her to their side.

“Not today,” she calmly responded.

Waa,wagwamu *you are broke* one vendor exclaimed as another stood in her way trying his marketing skills,in hopes that Lucy would have a change of heart.

Wama,Sekise *hey sexy lady*, mine are affordable,he fumbled with the little English he could utter.

Lucy proceeded to nod her head.This time,he got out of her way politely.

Before she could sigh for relief, to her utter horror and shock,a strange hand rested on her right butt cheek.Disgust can’t begin to describe what she felt and to make it worse,he wouldn’t care whether she wasn’t interested or not.

“Ssebo,let go of me,” She managed to say after a hard fight to refrain herself from acting out of anger.

Or what? huh,what will you do? Shyaa ,” he adamantly said.

His breathe sent her to near throwing up but also cautioned her not to act without thinking as he reeked of mirra with mix of a not so recently cleaned dental.

This lad must have sensed the fear and panic in Lucy’s plea so he smiled with satisfaction while still holding fast on to her,his gloating was cut short by the sudden rush of other traders.

Obusajja buubwo* there comes KCCA officials*” they exclaimed as each rushed to grab a hold of every item they had displayed.

Normally,Lucy would be so moved as the traders grappled and rushed to put away their merchandise,today just wasn’t one of those days.Wisdom called that she held tightly to her handbag lest one of the scrambling traders took ownership of it in the scuffle.


As for her tormentor,good riddance is all she had to say,KCCA came just in time to help her put her long walk to the park to an unexpected but sweet end.

It’s like nature just thought of a way to relieve her of those then seemingly unending moments of weird happenings,she managed to walk to the stage only to find it awaiting for a single passenger to set off.


“Thank you God,she whispered as she took to her seat!




















8 thoughts on “Lucy’s Long Walk To The Paaka

  1. wow. perfectly described the ordeal. Its even worse for the male version of lucy as usually there is another battle in the mind on what the mukyala nabaana will have for supper!


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