Work Arrivism: Are you obsessed with your title?

Noun: Work

  1. mental or physical activity as a means of earning income; employment.

Arrivism: Doesn’t exist if you checked your dictionary but is slang *in my head and a few Ugandans to mean a state of “reaching an enviable or long desired goal”.

It could be meeting a celebrity,being knocked by a Range Rover 2016  model or anything along those prestigious things.

Now that I believe We are on the same page,allow me get straight into this.

Many of us during our childhood had those dream jobs,desired things we’ve set our hearts and minds to achieve,these may vary from one’s tastes and goals but the joy to finally land on them would definitely give a sense of fulfillment and pride.

Unknown to many,I started working at 14 years and took on a number of odd jobs to get through school and life in general.These included cooking and selling food to University students at the Ivory Tower* Makerere University, doing laundry for those who stayed in nearby hostels,at some point I even worked at a salon just to earn that extra paper.

Girls my age then would look down on people like me,I mean wash??? Like who does that?

Food selling wasn’t as fancy because at some point in a bid to make more money, I’d peddle it to nearby garages and trust me local mechanics then were manner-less.

As an adolescent who dreamt bigger than Wandegeya and the toil I had put in, I wanted to finish my secondary school so not even the stares, rumors and nicknames could dampen my spirit though I’d be lying if i said they wouldn’t hurt sometimes.

Going through this for more than 5 years broke me,in a good way… I begun to see work beyond a mere service or way of getting money but as a way of putting a smile and carrying a load off my client’s back.

It became a way for me to exercise excellence and ensuring that I delivery to the expectation of the one who had trusted me to feed them or wash their hair/clothes.

Fast forward,I join the media industry as a content writer and social media manager, this is when my eyes got opened to something; an attitude I hadn’t encountered before.

I am talking about the “Do you know who I am” attitude. While most who would flaunt their tittles seemed to get many fumbling out of fear,it got me thinking- is there more than just that job title you so easily throw around?

Some were/ are honestly considered  successful and the others are normally just wanting those hearing to feel their “weight”.

To skip a bit more *insert 5 years later like in the Nigerian movies* God opens a door that I had given up then I’d given up on after failing a voice test, I successfully trained to become a radio host.

An opportunity that many consider glorious however one thing that God has continually pressed on my heart, the titles are good however will what you do with them stand the test of time?

When someone meets you as an ED of a place, will your work behind the weight of the envied position be as heavy and praiseworthy or do you find just find mere comfort in people knowing how you work for this company but with no depth to offer?

If you’re a leader,are you the type that loves to shove your “authority and power” inherent to your position or do you spur your subordinates with greatness?

When I look at my work journey and where I am now, it really doesn’t matter where I am a janitor or CEO…I always ask myself, is what I am being a blessing? Is it inspiring someone to be even much better?

Have I been able to pass on the acquired skills, am I leaving a legacy behind my numerous held positions? And what kind is it?

Lets be challenged to make impact, real impact as we climb up the ladders of success.


5 thoughts on “Work Arrivism: Are you obsessed with your title?

  1. An inspirational story on humility and the importance of a good legacy. I am reminded of Colossians 3:17 “And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.” God’s name is bigger than any other name, title or position and everything we do should be as unto Him. Thank you for tagging me…and keep them coming!

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