Drawing The Line Between A Lover And A Friend

Tempted to say we have all been there, but I will not generalize, most of us have been there –you know how you are there, minding your business keeping a distance from guys, I mean the ‘I am-not-ready-for-relationships’ mode. Or better yet, I am taking a man cleanse phase. Everything in your mode seems to be going as planned until this one guy shows up!

Many times I have found myself in that place where initially all I wanted him to be is a good friend but with time we are end up in not so wise entanglements. It is safer to seek clarity when you see that lines have or are being crossed, no?

“Better safe than sorry”


In this world there are loose men but, there are a few good ones –the type who will be good to you, do nice things and genuinely care without ill intentions and not necessarily want to be more than friends.

Don’t be this helpless,emotions are yours to control,don’t place them in the hands of an undecided man

In this kind of setting, please don’t assume things, until he makes it clear, live your life and enjoy your friendship wisely. Feel free to prayerfully walk out of friendships where lines are getting blurry.


Meanwhile, if he has someone but doesn’t respectfully honor his commitment to her, DON’T buy the “I’m not happy with her”, ” I met you Late”, “I want to break it off with her but she has invested so much in this” talk.


My Dad told me two things;

One “if he cheats on her with you, don’t be fooled for he’s doing the same to you”

and two,

“Men always know what they want whether a girl to sleep with, one to just toy around with and one to stick with no matter what.”

Ladies, gone are the days when we were helpless, we are now able to stop this cycle and take charge, and stop offering ourselves as sheep to the slaughter. Don’t wait to fall victim when you can make wise decisions.

“Self-preservation is safer than walking in the shadows of doubt”

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