Being Faithful With Little

A few days ago, a group of friends planned a birthday surprise for one of us and decided to take it at one of the famous inter-Continental restaurants.

This being a popular place, one would expect, well relative service and customer care but that will be a story for another day.

Being a big group, We were assigned to this very nice waitress, she did all she could to make sure we  had all we needed, kept smiling through and was quite prompt. Until We got to learn that her shift for the day was done.

Her replacement was the exact opposite but won’t go into those details.

All was going fairly well until time for the bill arrived, first our dear waitress claimed she hadn’t written certain items on the receipt, so We offered to help her go through our orders again.

She writes them down together with the total amount, goes with the money We had given her and takes about 15 mins.

We decided to just chat as we waited only to be shocked that upon her return, the waitress claimed our bill had shot up by 50,000 Uganda shillings.

She sternly told us that one of us had ordered for an extra meal that hadn’t been recorded on the receipt so we opted to go through the list again. Just as we were almost getting this ironed out, the receptionist came out of the blue accusing us of not wanting to clear our bill.

I’ll admit, at this point most of us were so flabbergasted by the twist and one of our friends who is an accountant swore not to let these two conniving ladies get away with tainting a reputable restaurant simply because they wanted “njawulo” of 50k.

She asked the waitress why the money kept changing from 35k to 50k and whether she had been harassing the right table. Long story short, these ladies realized that none of us was going to let them have their way and was quick to apologize upon the mention of us wanting to hear from their managers.

With guilt written all over her face, she confessed that it was a ploy crafted by the receptionist since We looked “rich”, this was followed by numerous apologies.

On our way home, we couldn’t believe how selfishness and greed can cost a business without the knowledge of the owner, simply because the workers can not be faithful.

This is just one of the many scenarios that many Ugandans will share about how blinded by quick gain, most of the youth would rather see what’s here and now and not think of the repercussions it may have on the future.

Be faithful in small things because it’s in them, that your strength lies- Mother Theresa

No matter how insignificant your placement/ job may seem, you are to serve with excellence. If you are faithful with the little, God surely will elevate you in due time.


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