The KoiKoi Experience

Travelling, I’m told has always been a personal favorite as a child. My Dad recalls how even as a months old baby, I’d get so excited at the sound of moving car.Last September, I dared to leave the comfort of my at times very busy life and headed out to Kalangala Islands.

The Island children never miss any camera moment, formation time. Photo credits: Kreativ Adkit

First forward, As the team warms up for another adventure full of fun, engaging and mind blowing conversations, stories waiting to be told through photography and interaction with the locals on this excursion, I would be lying if I said I don’t feel a hot rush of jealousy whenever I’m reminded that I won’t make it this time round.

You see, here’s a bit about this group of people.

Initially, you would board that bus expecting high rollers, self centered and arrogant company but by the end of these short trips, you will be longing for the days to be longer so you get to spend time with them.

One of the fishermen I interacted with, checking out his early morning catch, Photo by me

KoiKoi is not just a group of enthusiastic and patriotic youth, it’s a collection of young people who dream big and are purposed to be the change.

The trips are not of the “touristy kind”. You get to step into the lives of the various Ugandans, listen to their perspective of life, fun and our rich diversity.If I try to go beyond this, you’ll think I am exaggerating so I challenge you not to be like me this time round.

Never miss a Ug trip!

Upon crossing over to one of the Islands, We were just in time for the sunset. Photo credit : David Ogutu

My heart is so heavy that I won’t experience the Western part of Uganda first hand but I’m overjoyed that an army is heading there with their weapons of war fully loaded, phones, note books, cameras and minds.

Travel safely fam,keep inspiring

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