Dear Young Lady

Dear young lady, yes, you.

You’re beautiful; cliche I know but you are.

No, you’re nothing like the rest, never were you meant to be. I know they will try extremely hard to box you in, make you like them, force you to kill what makes you unlike them and try to talk you into conforming; but honey, God didn’t make you this great for you to “tone down ” ” act like a woman is supposed to”.

As long as He is your anchor, don’t let greatness pass by in the pretext of false humility. Your femininity is not a curse neither should it be your limitation. Soar Daughter of Eve; busk in the freedom of knowing your insecurity, struggles and esteem fluctuations were nailed to the cross. God isn’t ashamed of you, He’s drawing you close to Himself. No you’re not secondary, you’re His priority. No, you don’t have to compare yourself to others for your strength to be derived. You’re specially chiseled with love and desire by a Father like no other.

So go on, beat the tide, mount on eagle’s wings, fly as high as His grace sustains you. With hope & approval in one hand purpose and direction in other, go influence the nations for you’re the Father’s delight!

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