KoiKoi South-West Escapades

On 14th May, I embarked on a trip with travel enthusiasts to spend a whole 4 days and 3 nights in Lake Bunyonyi, a 7 hours + journey which meant spending the Easter holidays from home Being a travel junkie, the adrenaline was intense.

I’d been to the Western Part of Uganda but never beyond Rukungiri so this was something to look forward to We set off at 10am from Shell Kira with the things that make KoiKoi trips special Catch up with friends, meeting newer faces oh yes this time the trip had more people From feminism, government you name it filled the conversation on the bus.

When in Gorilla Highlands, don’t miss the boat rides: Photo credit: Aaron Kajumba

We reached later in the night after a stop in Mbarara for lunch I must say I wasn’t ready for the beauty that awaited me in the morning Bushara Island Camp gave us the country side feel, surrounded by water, with nature’s breeze to draw in The daily boat rides to and from the island left always left us in awe, gave the assurance that nature had welcomed us to the home of 29 islands.

Being a crater lake, it’s been said that no one knows how deep this calm looking water body is.Home to no fish, Lake Bunyonyi’s serene surrounding leave you in amazement at how much beauty Uganda possesses One thing I love about the trips is we don’t go to these areas as bourgie Kampala visiting, we get to meet the locals and as is a tradition, we were taken to the mainland, Kyabahinga where we not only met but got to learn how to make crafts like bracelets, baskets, mats made from sisal and local grass Then later on met Jeremiah Mbyaharugayo, an elderly medicine man.

This hike was memorable, photo credits: Colin Asiimwe

The hiking was memorable, reminded us to keep fit and healthy especially when the locals would walk up and down hill with so much ease Did I mention the local brew that we got to taste? The epitome on this trip for me was meeting the Batwa community, a friendly yet seemingly forgotten people, who may be short in height but very welcoming We managed to visit their former home, Ekyuya Forest reserve, experienced a day in their lives with the herbs, food and lifestyle as forest dwellers now adjusting to new life.

Yeremiah and Anna took us through their craft 

Thanks to Edirisa Adventure park I got to beat my fear of heights with the rope challenges and zip lining, bon fire in the evenings that awaited us whenever we returned from the day’s trips and hearty conversations often leave me nostalgic Lake


Bunyonyi is truly a destination venue, with rich history, each island telling a story from the punishment island where pregnant girls would be abandoned to die to the guitar shaped island whose Japanese owners are yet to return, the mystic upside-down island You’d want to experience each of these for yourself

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