27 out of 55

27 out 55 You must be wondering I know but here’s what I mean Born in the 90s , all I remember seeing was tranquil, a happy people.

A people glad that change had come. Nope, I didn’t get to experience the insurgency but trust my elders to relay it out. Apart from SST, which fully tried to explain what Ugandan Independence was really about unto History and Political Education, my forming understanding of why 9th October 1962 was light. Fast forward to my work as a content writer/ journalist/ blogger.

My eyes opened to the not so rosy, not so often spoken about political issues- so often brushed under the carpet to “preserve peace”. Anyone who points out what is not going right politically in this seemingly tranquil nation is suddenly an enemy of this peace, an ingrate who is power hungry and wants to drag us back to those years- the evil ones that the 31+ years aim to undo.

Reality hit that may be, just may be our parents’ tales of bad leadership, terrible killings and stuff may have just toned down and never left as they so often would say. I could go on, but hey I only read about history and maybe it was that bad.

Amidst all the rot, endless scandals (I wonder why we have telenovelas when you could just simply watch the state of affairs in this nation- free entertainment, if you ask me), amidst the corruption, wastage and threats to squash those who don’t agree with how the country is run, the high unemployment rates, pathetic social services, I could go on but Uganda remains home.

Beauty unrivaled, no amount of politicking and gimmicks can dull, home to one of the youngest populations in the world, one of the most diverse countries, whose people still rise amidst the barriers and pains.


27 years of learning how to separate my Motherland from the works of the selfish, of learning how to be patriotic and not blindly agreeable. Let’s face it, I have no other home than this that’s why I will delight in the beauty of a sunrise, the hope that a new day dawns. The assurance that one can rise from the ghetto and defy odds to win a Parliamentary seat. The confidence that there will always be people who stand and put their lives on the lines even when cells become a usual occurrence.


To look aside the unfulfilled promises, the disguised morality smeared with a touch of God’s Word only when it fits and is comfortable and see a people yearning to seek facts and knowledge of who they really are. To see a wave of young people rise to document their tales, the Uganda they’ve experienced.

To know that it’s not all doom and gloom, yes even with the many unanswered questions, there’s hope. So I smile knowing that 27 out of 55 may have been bumpy but preparing me for a future. A better Uganda, may be one day

For now let’s busk in the uniqueness that politics won’t ruin, the deep love we have for Black,Yellow,Red. Be proud that 55 years ago, We became- The Pearl!

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