Fare Thee Well, Nev

“Mulungi, you need to start writing, you can do it”
“Blogging isn’t for a special few, even if it were- why shouldn’t you be one of them”, he said while smiling and reminding me that my insecurities don’t count.

Joel Benjamin Ntwatwa, mostly called Nevender or Nev if you may was something!
He always kept to himself but was kind enough to say a “hello, are you okay” to strangers.
Quite fuzzy how we met but it’s been years of friendship, a selfless kind, one who would be unwell chose not wallow to in his weakness…..
Always with a hoodie, a purple scarf and lots of ideas, that was Nev

When it comes to music and events, you could rest assured that he will give you an indepth review.His passion for art, poetry, writing and photography together with music would never go unnoticed.
I remember when he helped me “unconfuse’ the Band Skillet from ColdPlay, our love for CHH and a rebellious side where he never allowed to follow follow anyhow!

Trust Nev to ask the why question, some didn’t like it but hey that was Nev for you.
He was open about his fight with depression but let him catch you struggling with the same, he would put his pain aside and pour out this hope and optimism…Nev was never judgy
He allowed for disagreement…from exchanges on feminism, un-forgiveness and Christian artistes he would have loved to see in Uganda, he was the vocal one where necessary

Waking up from a 4 hour rather unusual nap on 11th February, I didn’t know that I would find news of my friend’s passing, I’d last seen Nev at The Square for one of those events and we talked indepth.
Our last conversation was about having a ka special corner for Lecrae fanatic and how God had finally answered our prayer.

He was such a pillar in my 1st year on radio, he’d listen in, give feedback, cheer me on.
“Go easy on yourself Faith, you’ve got this”
“Don’t let your inadequacies stop you from being the best host you can be”
At 33, you’ve lived such a life of great impact ,just like how our Savior did! May He answer all those deep questions and lengthy convos you’d long to have.

I remember so many things and I believe that he is a better place, Sleep well Nev
I don’t know what to do with this pain
But I am grateful our paths crossed.
Sleep well!


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