Shaking tables as usual


No one wants to be wrong. It stinks and Spells failure all over. No one wants to lose or wakes up with intentionality to be the worst. We all love wins and want to eat, breath, sweat and die winning if we could. We want a Picture perfect life with the right amount of the white picket fence effect for the rest to click at. We want to stand out for all the right reasons. We have trained ourselves to accept a narrative that would feed this aspect or at least I had.

I spent a life time running from my past. Making mistakes and gently sweeping them under the rug. I mean a righteous man falls seven times. Well let’s just say I made this falling thing a profession. There was always something or someone to blame for every reaction and action in my life. I was an award…

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I will start on Monday.


Procrastination is one of the biggest enemies of our productivity
and progress. Everyone wants to live a happier life, drive a better car, earn
more money, build a bigger house, be healthier, etc. The key to achieving this
is to learn how to get more and better results.

According to Tim Urban, in the brain of a non-procrastinator
lives a rational decision maker who is in control of all the actions s/he
takes, while the brain of a procrastinator has both the decision maker and an
instant gratification monkey. When a procrastinator is presented with a task or
an assignment, the rational decision maker quickly decides that today is the perfect
day to get some work done, but the monkey doesn’t like that plan. The monkey
takes over and decides that today is a good day to rest, watch an episode of
the blacklist, go visiting, or do whatever it…

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A must read


Sometimes it comes out of no where but I have learnt to see the tides and try to embrace them. In case you are wondering what I am referring to, well, I’ll just let the cat out of the bag. I suffer from depression and social anxiety, I don’t like meeting new people or being in crowds; its just a lot of work and stress because it includes pre planned conversations days before per new person (Imagine the stress if it were 50 people. I wish I would be given a list way before), sweaty palms, fidgeting and a lot of worry. If I fall out of just one pre planned conversation, I feel like the ground should play its back up plan of swallowing me because I immediately feel low and weird.

I constantly withdraw from the social life and focus on getting my mental health in…

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Wine and Dine at Speke Resort

Safely tucked away from the noise and bustle of Kampala's heat and traffic is Nyanja Restaurant at Speke Resort Munyonyo. The restaurant is a quiet, well-spaced place with a serene environment to match. The green gardens are surrounded by tall palms that graciously swing to give that rich people-soothing breeze. My heart was captured. To … Continue reading Wine and Dine at Speke Resort

Drawing The Line Between A Lover And A Friend

Tempted to say we have all been there, but I will not generalize, most of us have been there –you know how you are there, minding your business keeping a distance from guys, I mean the ‘I am-not-ready-for-relationships’ mode. Or better yet, I am taking a man cleanse phase. Everything in your mode seems to … Continue reading Drawing The Line Between A Lover And A Friend

Lucy’s Long Walk To The Paaka

"Kampala road,Old Park" "Sister,Madam,ogenda?," inquired a sweaty conductor,while signalling at her as she crossed the road and gently nodded her head in agreement. "Siba atuule," he urged the driver who managed to park right in the middle of the road,a misplaced gesture of 'customer care' many of our taxi operators tend to exhibit before one … Continue reading Lucy’s Long Walk To The Paaka