The KoiKoi Experience

Travelling, I'm told has always been a personal favorite as a child. My Dad recalls how even as a months old baby, I'd get so excited at the sound of moving car.Last September, I dared to leave the comfort of my at times very busy life and headed out to Kalangala Islands. First forward, As the … Continue reading The KoiKoi Experience

Being Faithful With Little

A few days ago, a group of friends planned a birthday surprise for one of us and decided to take it at one of the famous inter-Continental restaurants. This being a popular place, one would expect, well relative service and customer care but that will be a story for another day. Being a big group, … Continue reading Being Faithful With Little

Drawing The Line Between A Lover And A Friend

Tempted to say we have all been there, but I will not generalize, most of us have been there –you know how you are there, minding your business keeping a distance from guys, I mean the ‘I am-not-ready-for-relationships’ mode. Or better yet, I am taking a man cleanse phase. Everything in your mode seems to … Continue reading Drawing The Line Between A Lover And A Friend