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Sometimes it comes out of no where but I have learnt to see the tides and try to embrace them. In case you are wondering what I am referring to, well, I’ll just let the cat out of the bag. I suffer from depression and social anxiety, I don’t like meeting new people or being in crowds; its just a lot of work and stress because it includes pre planned conversations days before per new person (Imagine the stress if it were 50 people. I wish I would be given a list way before), sweaty palms, fidgeting and a lot of worry. If I fall out of just one pre planned conversation, I feel like the ground should play its back up plan of swallowing me because I immediately feel low and weird.

I constantly withdraw from the social life and focus on getting my mental health in…

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Wine and Dine at Speke Resort

Safely tucked away from the noise and bustle of Kampala's heat and traffic is Nyanja Restaurant at Speke Resort Munyonyo. The restaurant is a quiet, well-spaced place with a serene environment to match. The green gardens are surrounded by tall palms that graciously swing to give that rich people-soothing breeze. My heart was captured. To … Continue reading Wine and Dine at Speke Resort

The KoiKoi Experience

Travelling, I'm told has always been a personal favorite as a child. My Dad recalls how even as a months old baby, I'd get so excited at the sound of moving car.Last September, I dared to leave the comfort of my at times very busy life and headed out to Kalangala Islands. First forward, As the … Continue reading The KoiKoi Experience